Arduino Weather Station


Over the past few days, I have been testing sensors, particularly ones to be used to log all info I will need from the plane. With some DS18B20s, a DHT11 and the Y-30 SD module, there will be a lot of data gathered.

The Arduino will log to a .csv formatted file on a 4gb SD card, which excel will open up easily, and allow creation of graphs. This is the first release, with some minor improvements in the future. Best to move on to the stabilisation side of things, being more important than a weather station.

Check out the project on GitHub: ArduinoWearherStation


Flight Tracker Maiden




Got the Uno to send back some live GPS data, this time displayed as a converted KML track. Took this live, but interference from both rc TX and the xBee made for a REALLY bad connection. Seriously had a better connection going through two houses. Shows that the maximum speed achieved was 92.2 km/h. Probably a result of connecting the gap between two disconnected routes, but seemed steady on the graph. The flats are averages calculated by Google Earth to fill in the gaps:



Using Earth Bridge And Google Earth To Plot Live


Using Earth Bridge And Google Earth To Plot Live

Today finally got Earth Bridge to work, giving a live feed to Google earth. Earth Bridge is a little bit dodgy, but after debugging with full error messages on Google Earth I was able to get it to work for me using these settings with Google Earth 6:

Earth Bridge Settings

Working settings for Earth Bridge

The weather was cloudy, so had a dodgy gps fix as you can see in the screenshot it appears I went mining before a jump with my laptop out into the paddock. When the system works, it is a great way to display the data though.

Next step to put this through the xBee and have a live stream from the plane!