Crash. Investigate. Improve.

Image showind carbon fibre strengthening rod

Carbon Fibre rod, increasing the strength of the fuselage                   

Recently I crashed the bixler, resulting in a broken tail, damaged battery and cracked nose. The causes have now been determined to be as a result of alterations to the fuselage which weakened the tail section. This has now been strengthened with the addition of a Carbon Fibre rod running under the fuselage.

Modifications to increase airflow internally weakened the tail and caused it to fail, possibly in flight. In addition to the loss of tail control,

bixler comparison of mods

Shown are the two modifications that have increased the internal airflow. The perfect cross section (Left) shows the two holes drilled to allow air to flow out of the fuselage, which significantly decreased the strength of the tail.

ailerons were also disabled,after the servo lead disconnected, possibly because of the increased airflow. Connection issues, experienced after the crash also have been resolved. The connection issues, experienced after this crash have been attributed to loose and frayed wiring on the battery.

Bixler motor mount with modification

Bixler motor mount shaved of excess foam to increase airflow immediately surrounding the motor to help cool the motor

Bench tests were recorded, though were uneventful and about 15 minutes long each and therefore will most likely not be posted because of this. A speed build was also recorded which will likely be posted, along with some internal camera footage to monitor the airflow mods.

Look out for some videos and more posts! I have been busy doing things on the project and have spent less time actually documenting.