Arduino Weather Station

Over the past few days, I have been testing sensors, particularly ones to be used to log all info I will need from the plane. With some DS18B20s, a DHT11 and the Y-30 SD module, there will be a lot of data gathered.

The Arduino will log to a .csv formatted file on a 4gb SD card, which excel will open up easily, and allow creation of graphs. This is the first release, with some minor improvements in the future. Best to move on to the stabilisation side of things, being more important than a weather station.

Check out the project on GitHub: ArduinoWearherStation


2 thoughts on “Arduino Weather Station

  1. Cool, can you publish this to a website for a real time feed?
    Also, would you be able to make a temp sensor that was water proof to about 3m to test water temperature in rainforest and other streams?

    • Yes, a server has been setup to be used for this eventually. A temperature sensor could easily be setup for underwater use, using a kind of epoxy or resin to encase the sensor and insulated wires. The sensor can operate with 3m of wire so length in this circumstance is not an issue.

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