Arduav Fire spotting

A video, of the best shots trying to get an aerial view on a small fire

A recording micro video camera was used to capture the video, no FPV yet.

The pan jig used was a simple servo and bit of foam, with 6 rubber bands and a bit of wire to hold it all together. Works well, but is interestingly hard to concentrate on where the camera is pointing, as well as what the aircraft is doing.

6 thoughts on “Arduav Fire spotting

  1. Have you considered a gyro to stabililise the motion of the camera/aircraft – it would effect the flight characteristics and add mass – perhaps it could be powered up when needed…

    • Yes, hopefully in the near future a gyro will be used to stabilise the plane. Not very heavy though – 30g + wires
      The Arduino would be used in between receiver and servos/ESC
      When a gyro is used, another channel is used to control stabilisation

      • Most radio controllers have a jack in the back for learners – my spectrum7 has one – Possibly you could get two people operating the plane – one flight control, one camera control.

      • Yes, some US target drones are piloted in a similar way. Using a programmable transmitter, the joystick controls could be set on different channels routed through the first.

        Alternatively multiple receivers could be used to control the system, one receiver each for flight and camera control.

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